Research Projects

How Much does Inclusive Local Media Cost?

A generalized workflow for journalism performance assessment and budget calculation.

Dubree, Wil & Qin, Abby Youran (2023)

Ongoing project funded by DeWitt Wallace Center for Media & Democracy, Duke University and the Democracy Fund

Keywords: automated web scraping, supervised machine learning, geographical information system

A Systemic Approach to Political Homophily

County-level examination of factors predicting cross-cutting social media connectivity

Qin, Abby Youran, Dubree, Wil & Wagner, Michael (2023)

Ongoing project funded by Election Research Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Keywords: LASSO, geographically weighted regression

Under Conspiracy Videos We Meet

Facts, Norms, and Communities in a Transnational Sinophone Conspiracy Sphere

Qin, Abby Youran, Xiao, Fan & Dubree, Wil (2023)

Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication Annual Conference 2023

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Keywords: topic modeling, supervised machine learning, generalized hierarchical linear modeling

Poverty and Political Socialization

A Mixed Methods Examination of the Influence of Deprivation and Institutional Trust on News Consumption and Political Participation

Parker, Danny & Qin, Abby Youran (2023)

Paper presented at Communication Crossroads, Madison, USA

Keywords: ethnography, cluster analysis