Computational Communication Cooperative

Welcome to Our Co-Op!

We program to understand communication.
We gather to build community.


Inspired by the generation of SJMC computational methods workshop organized by Jo Lukito and other fantastic scholars, our co-op invites passionate practitioners of computational social sciences to provide hands-on coding training for aspiring researchers and eager learners in our community.


We hope to carve out a space for collaborative teaching, learning, researching, and organizing. We will throw parties, form committees, and hold elections, all to establish a legacy of inclusivity, cooperation, and democracy.



between "quantitative" and "qualitative" researchers

We believe data-driven computational methods are inherently affinitive to inductive qualitative research. Our research group aspires to connect "quantitative" and "qualitative" methods, projects, and researchers. 

Our workshop takes the first step by dedicating the "Hello World" branch to learners with no background in coding, statistics, or mathematics. We are also planning for collaborative sessions where computational and qualitative scholars join forces to teach how to collect and analyze data computationally and interpret the results qualitatively.

We will keep exploring and experimenting with new ways to connect the computational and the qualitative. No matter which tradition you come from, we welcome you to our passionate endeavor.